About Us

Scout Mallorca is a family run business, founded by Felipe Martinez & Vanessa Tiegs that thrives to serve property purchasers with the highest possible quality portfolio of estates in Mallorca.

Our company was built on the grounds of providing excellent service to anyone wanting to buy or sell their home on the largest Balearic Island.

Mallorca is known for being one of the most beautiful and dazzling places in the whole of Spain, if not Europe, which is why it attracts people from all over the world. With incredible weather and much to do around the island, it comes to no surprise that Mallorca, for many years is the destination to enjoy Mediterranean lifestyle at its best.

Whether you love sitting beside one of the many paradisiac beaches, being in a vibrant, bustling town or experiencing the authenticity of a location, you can expect to experience all that under Mallorcas blue skies!

The Sunny Island is blessed with an array of naturals landscapes and coming with that different kinds of lovely properties. A relaxed beach hide- away, a romantic mountain home or a sophisticated city residence – you tell us about your wishes and we narrow down the Offer to the most suitable options for you. 

At the heart of the team is Vanessa Tiegs, German native with an outstanding background in business administration & advertising and many years of experience in Mallorca´s real estate Market

Felipe Martinez-Toro is in charge of the entire property portfolio. He graduated with a degree in Sociology and has a history in social relations. Additionally, he has a profound motivation to look for the best properties on the market.

Dedication is a key when it comes to our work and we love what we do. Our aim is to offer a wide range of answers to our clients demands.

Scout Mallorca’s most important principle is customer service, so you can expect quick and clear answers from our team.

All what we need from you is your idea of your Mallorca dream home and we will thoroughly scan the market for suitable properties that match your requirements and desires. You will have the freedom to relax while we go through all possible options and as a result, we will send you a tailor-made selection of estates in the Majorca.

Our properties are hand selected and are only chosen if we know they are of a sufficient standard. We pride ourselves to offer the most enchanting real estate in all parts of the island, either lovely village houses, majoral country estates or exotic properties beside the sea.

 If you wish to pick a raw diamond and create your own little sanctuary beneath the Mediterranean sun, we will be happy to provide you with attractive investments in top locations. Building plots, properties to renovate or estates that are just missing some TLC – we can present a wide range of Investment opportunities also contacts to architects, contractors and designers.

We supply high-definition pictures of all properties in Mallorca, depicting what each one has to offer. The pandemic has made it difficult to travel around due to the restrictions in place, so if you are unable to visit the property you are interested in, then we will provide the best possible virtual experience for you so you can get to grips with the property you are looking at.  

Despite our diverse Online Portfolio Scout Mallorca offers a special listing service which essentially means if we do not have the property you are searching for online, we can still find what you are after once you have sent us your preferences of what your dream property looks like. You will not have to spend hours upon days scanning through different websites, trying to find a home that suits you because this is what Scout Mallorca is here to do.

We care for our buyer’s interests, so we are more than happy to dedicate our time to find and deliver the perfect home for you. The property search shouldn’t be a strenuous task and with our method of finding properties, it shouldn’t take long to find your ideal home.

It is important to select the right property that suits your needs, so this can be a stressful and draining task. Scout Mallorca removes any hassle or worries you may have as we do the work for you.

We’ll be by your side from the very first enquiry email right up until the final notary appointment. With this in mind, Scout Mallorca will be with you every step of the way and we’ll do everything in our power to make the process of buying the perfect living space for you as nice as possible.

Please, get in touch with us to start your journey in finding your ideal home on our beautiful island Mallorca!

You cannot find what you are looking for?

We have an offline portfolio with more than 1.000 properties, from spectacular frontline estates and historic Possessions to luxury Penthouses, Villas and Townhouses…

Also Investment properties like Hotels and Land.

We are also able to offer you most properties that are for sale on the island due to our excellent collaboration & network of agencies across the island.

If you prefer to have one point of reference rather than being inundated with many e-mails & calls from multi-agencies that tend to showcase repeat properties, then we would be happy to oblige.