About Mallorca


The largest Balearic island, Mallorca, spoils its visitors and residents with over 300 days of sunshine a year and more than 550 kilometres of Mediterranean coast. 

If you are planning a visit to Mallorca, you will be pleasantly surprised on arrival, as the international airport Son San Joan offers an unbelievable number of flights to all well-known destinations in Europe and beyond. 
Once you have arrived in the island life you will soon notice that although the clocks here in Mallorca often tick a little slower, you can still reach one of the numerous beaches within 30 minutes drive from almost everywhere. 

And it is not for nothing that the beaches of Mallorca are the motive of countless pictures and the place of longing of so many holiday hungry people. Thanks to an enormously good water quality and numerous trendy beach bars, the beach day here becomes a pleasure for all senses. 

Besides a wide range of leisure activities in general, Mallorca is an absolute Mecca for golfers and boat owners. The density of first-class golf courses and marinas is remarkable.
Those who, after a few visits to Mallorca, do not want to accept the hard adios at the airport on departure, are invited by a fantastic infrastructure with international shops, schools and doctors to move their main residence completely to the Mediterranean island. Mallorca has always been one of the best addresses for buying property for countless reasons. 

Areas of Mallorca


Beautiful coastline and great infrastructure

South East Coast

Dreamy and relaxed


Historic town with international flair

West Coast

Picturesque Tramuntana mountain range

North Coast

Wild mountain worlds and paradise beaches

Central Mallorca

Wine, flat lands and fincas